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GasStop™ is an emergency 100% shut-off device for bottled and portable propane systems with POL connections. In the event of a major leak, GasStop™ will instantly and automatically shut off the flow of gas.  GasStop™ is also very useful in helping you detect that minor leaks that occur anywhere in your propane network.    Not only is this device a DYI  must-have safety device to protect your family and pets, it also has a useful multipurpose gas pressure indicator. Use propane safely, use GasStop™.

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Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 7.25 in
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7 reviews for GasStop 100% RV Propane Shut Off- POL connection

  1. Chad (store manager)

    GasStop is an incredibly easy to use device that should really be standard equipment. We’ve had one on each of our 30lb. bottles since the RV show, and it’s a great peace of mind!
    Note: We purchased ours, they were not given to us. For the rest of our review/testing, check out Changing Lanes RV:

  2. Jim Crosby (store manager)

    I can testify that 2010 pleasure way excel TS mmx is a perfect fit with the gasstop.
    1/4″ longer and it would be a no-go.
    Triple checked, leak free and it snuggles right in there with the city water connection.
    Those class B coaches have a lot of ‘stuff’s in those books and crannies…
    Thanks for the presales help.
    You guys are top drawer.
    Thank you for your consideration!
    I will mention DPS to all!

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