By Having Surge Protection For Your Underground Dog Fences

Underground Fencing is designed so that you and your pets can relax in a safe, open environment. You went to a lot of trouble to select the right fence, worked with the installer to make sure it went in just right, and trained with your pet to make sure that they knew how to recognize and avoid the fence line. But what happens if it goes out? Are you willing to take a chance that a stray surge or lightning strike could knock out the transmitter and take down the fence?

  • M1DF-69: Our Standard Single Outlet
  • MD2-DF: Our Premium Dual Outlet
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How does it work?

From the Ground Up

A picture of the power outlet and wires plugged in.

A powerful surge protection module blocks any surges that might travel up the lines from the ground and backfeed into the fence transmitter.

From the Wall Down

A white power strip with blue lights on top of it.

A multi-stage surge protection module creates a barrier, stopping any surges that might travel down the power lines and damage the fence transmitter. Easy to Read LED indicators let you know if everything is okay.


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Installing your surge protector is quick and easy! Our surge protectors work with any brand of underground fence and provide exceptional protection for your transmitter even if they claim to have one ‘built in’.

Our surge protectors can be installed in under ten minutes and do not require any additional parts or supplies.  They feature ‘quick connect’ tabs much like the ones that you would find on stereo and amplifiers that allow the boundary loop and transmitter wires to be hooked up in seconds.

Simply insert the correct wires in the color-coded tabs, check the indicator lights, and YOU’RE DONE!  It’s that easy!