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The VSS is an advanced multi-stage hybrid, solid state power line protector. Features such as a common mode and normal mode suppression, nanosecond reaction time, power line tracking and simple wire terminations make the VSS an excellent choice in commercial and industrial applications. The VSS can be designed as a panel mount and takes up NO internal panel room; with the panel mount it is designed to be mounted externally (Panel Mount Model) or as a plug-in model.

The VSS utilizes a Patented X-Coil™ surge balancing coil. This insures best clamping performance of all internal surge elements. The VSS contains internal fuses designed to remove the load (protected equipment) from the line if the unit is subject to long term overvoltage or the internal protection fails. This feature prevents surges from entering equipment through a failed protector, not noticed by the user.

The VSS is universal: it can be used on any single phase circuit of either 120Vac or 240Vac. It is designed to carry 20 Amp max current so it fits any commercial wiring system. The VSS is a series surge device so it has separate input and output wires (panel mount version). The output wires are clearly marked and connect to the electronics that are to be protected. Simple wire splices or wire nuts are acceptable connections to the VSS.

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